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Review of ‘Keepers Of the Kalachakra’ by Ashwin Sanghi

‘Keepers of the Kalachakra’

Book 5 in the ‘Bharat Series’

Release- 26 January 2018

My Rating- 4/5

by Ashwin Sanghi

This book is work of fiction but more than 50% content is about science and knowledge. As you start reading, you will find physics talks after every few pages.
This book contains deep discussions on the topic of Islamic Philosophy and its condition in today’s world. It also has deep and very important discussions on various scientific topics. One can gain much from this book.

Review on the writing-
The story is breath-gasping and very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. The way of writing of Ashwin Sanghi is fantastic as I have said before and in this field, I think, he is the best Indian Historical-Crime thriller writer.


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