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Review of ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. @erniecline @ernestcline

‘Ready Player One’

by Ernest Cline.

My Rating- 4.9/5

In my opinion, it is the best book I read in last 6 months.
It is a story of a teenager Wade Watts, who have lost his parents and lives in the boring world of 2045. In 2045 the conditions are not as they are in present. There is a huge energy crisis. People live in stacks and the life of youngsters is miserable and boring. They are called as ‘The missing million’. Not because they have gone anywhere, but because that there is nowhere left to go. ‘Except the Oasis’. It is a whole virtual world, where everyone goes to escape from the real-boring world. James Halliday the co-creator of Oasis has left an easter egg and whoever will found it will inherit his vast fortune and the complete control of Oasis. Millions of children are hunting for this egg but only one will win.
The quest for the easter egg is very interesting. And I bet you will fail to drop the book once you started reading it.

Here’s a bonus-

I am adding a link to this book’s Film-Tie-In cover edition. Enjoy it.

Ready Player One (Film Tie-in)…/…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_8shTAbZYMKC0J

Wonder Books!

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