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Review of ‘The Complete Adventures of Feluda Vol.1’ By Satyajit Ray. @penguinindia

The Complete Adventures of Feluda Vol.1

By- Satyajit Ray

Translated by- Gopa Majumdar

Omnibus edition by- Penguin Random House

My rating- 4.7/5

It was a very nice book. It is a 2 volume series and it is the first volume. Satyajit ray is a master storyteller. I liked this Indian-Version-Sherlock- Holmes popularly known as Feluda. The tales are as good as Sherlock Holmes.

It is written in the own fantastic way of Satyajit ray. I like the two other characters of Topshe and Jatayu. Jatayu plays an important role by adding a touch of humour in the story.

The best part of the stories is that you also get a tour of various parts of India and you get to know various facts about these places. The mysteries are breath-catching and you remain in confusion till the end.

The stories are written in a simple and interesting way. The best part is that Feluda’s character is not SuperHuman, You may find him get knocked down or beaten up somewhere, but at the end the victory is always of Feluda.

The sharp eyes and sharp mind of feluda, the humourous nature of Jatayu and the good company of Topshe makes a perfect company. They often call themselves ‘The three muskeeteers’ and I think it is really true.

The stories are short, so you will not get bored of long reading (even if they were written long, you would have not got bored) and I liked all the stories in the First Volume of the Series.

Have a Good Day and Keep reading.

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