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#PreOrderAlert of ‘Krishna Gopeshwar: The truth of Vrishnis’ by Sanjay Dixit. @bloomsburyindia @sanjay_dixit

Krishna Gopeshwar: The truth of Vrishnis

Book 1 of Lord Krishna Trilogy

By Sanja Dixit

Releasing 21st May 2018


It is a retelling of Lord Krishna’s life. It is a trilogy and it is the first book of that trilogy. The book is a mixture of Mythology and history. Written by the Famous author Sanjay Dixit, I hope it will be amazing.

The description on Amazon-

‘A never-before action-packed retelling of Lord Krishna’s life, Krishna Gopeshvara is the first in a trilogy that narrates the early life events of Lord Krishna from the time of Kamsa’s capture of the Mathura throne to his killing by his nephew-as was foretold by the tyrant king’s own priest. Styled as a historical fiction, Krishna and Kamsa are portrayed as men pursuing their narratives according to their understanding of the world around them. What entails is a clash of two narratives-the dharmic one symbolized by Krishna and the other a totalitarian and despotic narrative epitomized by Kamsa. The only assumption that has been made is that Krishna was a highly gifted young man.

In the story of the battle between an uncle he must kill to survive lies embedded the truth of a nation gone rogue and a critique of the social, cultural and religious circumstances of Mathura, Magadha, Kashi, and other leading power centres of Aryavarta-which holds relevance even in our times-thus setting the stage for the great epic of Mahabharata. The careful portrayal of the other kings and princes of the Mahabharata era shows how often flaws in character can lead to devastating consequences, affecting, sometimes, the nation as a whole. Thus, human psychology is laid bare, including the inherent limitations of man.

Weaving a riveting account of the life of the Lord, the political intrigues, discussions on dharma and debates on the position of women in the society, Krishna Gopeshvara is a perfect portrayal of the Vedic era with a deep resonance to the times we live in.’


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