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Review of ‘Wonderful Wizard Of Oz’ by L. FRANK BAUM and Maple Press.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Published by Maple Press

My rating- 4.89/5

The story was super interesting. A mixture of fantasy, adventure, bravery, humour, intelligence and magic. This magical story is based in a Magical land named ‘Oz’.

One cheerful day, An ordinanry Kansas girl Dorothy was outside her uncle’s house, she did not know that a big adventure was on the way towards her. Suddenly stormy winds started blowing and Dorothy hid inside the house. But what happened after that is beyond imagination. The house flew with the wind to an amazing unknown land named Oz. There Dorothy tackled various dangers and made new friends also. The wish of Dorothy to return home took her on an adventure which no body could even imagine.

The story is amazing and the best classic I ever read. The whole series is awsome. I bet once you picked up any book of this series, you will fail to put it down. A (must)^5 read story.

Short details about the edition I have-

The edition I have is published by Maple press. This edition is super cheap with amazing quality. The book is of small size around 15×10 cm which is very good because you can carry it easily as well as hold and read it comfortably. The book is full of Beautiful illustrations.

Details about the publisher-

Maple press is a leading publication in Classics, story books, educational books, non-fiction as well as hindi literature. Its all books are super cheap with excellent quality and illustrations. The size of its books are reader- friendly and easily portable. Its almost all books contain beautiful illustrations. It also offers the readers Omnibus editions of more than 50 famous authors. The omnibus editions contain the greatest works of their author. It also provide Omnibus editions of Famous Short Stories, plays and novels by various authors. It is the cheapest and the best publication for englis as well as hindi classics.

Its official website where you can find the whole list of books published by it is-

Your exclusive link to buy this book-

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Oz Series (Book 1)

Have a Good Day and Keep reading!

Wonder Books!

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