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Review of ‘Yamraj Number 5003’ by Mrinal Chatterjee.


Yamraj Number 5003

By- Mrinal Chatterjee


Translated into English by- Thirumoy Banerjee

Published by- Rupa Publications

My rating- 4.9/5


‘I return as a bird,

And will make all the fields my own’

-Mrinal Chatterjee



The whole story starts from the Bharatpur Railway station. Yamraj 5003 is standing there accompanied by his Vahan buffalo, a two-headed dog and 2 Yamdoots. They are waiting for a girl, who is going to commit suicide by running under the train, but, unfortunately, everything goes bad after that. The girl is rescued by her old friend and after a long argument, Yamraj 5003 spares the life of the girl. The consequences of the Soft Behaviour of the Yamraj 5003 are terrible.

Now, you will be wondering that,

Why does Yamraj have a Number ‘5003’ after his name?

Yamraj and soft behaviour? How is it possible?

In Mrityuloka, the increase in population has resulted in a huge workload. A single Yamraj cannot do the whole work, so the trinity has decided to clone the Yamraj. All the Yamrajs have same physical features and are distinguished by their numbers. They may have emotional differences also but it is rare.

Now, the question about the softness, The main cause for the whole problem is Narad. His curious mind has resulted in a commotion, which had never happened in the whole history of the Mrityuloka. Narad had done a mischief due to which Yamraj 5003 has got a brain of a poet. After a heated conversation with Chitragupta, The Holy Trinity sits together with a huge crowd of gods and goddesses and inhabitants of Devlok as well as Mrityuloka for the trial of Yamraj 5003. But the end is most entertaining, surprising and unexpected.


The first chapter is partly devoted to the description and explanation of the working, history, system and structure of Mrityuloka- The land of the dead. It explains the various aspects of the Mrityuloka. Like,

How are Devdutas appointed?

How are Yamrajs made?

How are people punished or rewarded for their deeds? etc.

The book is a mixture of humour, history and mythology. The entire book is very entertaining. Although it a little slim, But it is full of knowledge, historical and mythological facts, legends and other facts. It is also a package of a lot of life lessons and morals. It also contains few legends mentioned in it.

Overall, it is a must-read book and a quick read.

Details about the author-

Mrinal Chatterjee writes fiction in Odia and academic papers in English. His first short-story collection in Orissa O Ananya Galpa was published in 1991. Up until early 2017, he had six novels, seven short-story collections and four anthologies published. He also translates works from Bengali, English, Hindi and Gujarati to Odia.
A journalist-turned media academician, Chatterjee presently heads Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanal, Odisha.


Details about the Publication-

Rupa Publications is leading publication in not only India but in the whole world. It is an Indian publishing company based in Kolkata which was founded in 1936 by D. Mehra at College Street in Calcutta. It publishes bestselling books by famous authors including Ruskin Bond, Ravi Subramanian, Chetan Bhagat, etc.


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Have a good day and keep reading!

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