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Review Of ‘Cross Connection: The big Circus Adventure’ by Jugal Hansraj.

Cross Connection: The big Circus Adventure

By- Jugal Hansraj

Illustrated by- Shrirang Sathaye

Publisher- Rupa Publications

My Rating- 4.9/5

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to the Great Indian Circus!’

(Note- Not of Dhoom 3 😁)

The whole story starts from a hill station called Kamalpur, present in the Himalayas in North India. A very Famous Circus know as ‘The Great Indian Circus’ is situated on this hill station. The circus is very famous. Its almost all shows are House-full. It is loved by a huge number of people and is the heartfelt desire of the young children.

This great circus is run by a very cheerful and kind man called Mr Gulshan Circuswala. Mr Gulshan is a very kind man. He treats all the animals in the circus as his own child.

The Circus includes some fantastic, amazing, beautiful, magnificent, ‘I could go on, but you get the drift’ creatures.

The circus has two very magnificent and talented Elephants. The first one is Bhole Ram- famous with the name Bhole Ram the Brave for his brave, kind and helpful behaviour. Bhole Ram is really brave and helpful. Once he had saved the whole circus team from an accident. He is best at his act of ‘balancing on the beach ball’. Everything is right with him except one thing. He is very shy when he faces the other Elephant Savitri. He could not utter a single word in front of her.

There is Pintu Da- The tiger. He is also very cheerful and kind animal. He is famous for his singing (which is not too great) and he performs singing on the stage for the circus.

There is Chintamani- the lion. He is a lion but does not have a single sign of it in him. His roar is like a squeak and his voice is shriller than a mouse. He is very scary and coward. He performs the act of jumping through fire loops and of roaring in the front of the audience (But actually the reality is different, which you will find in the book).

And how can we forget the most infamous Chunky the funky monkey? He is infamous for his pranks and almost hated by all. He is always up to no good. His pranks sometimes lead to terribly serious problems. He performs the trapeze act for the circus.

The circus also had a group of panthers in the performance but Mr Gulshan had to remove them because they once attacked the audience. He was ordered to hand them over to the authorities but he is kind and kept them with him on the condition that he will keep them locked in a cage and will not allow them to perform anymore. Kaalia, the leader of the Panthers, was not happy with this. He is very angry and is planning to take revenge on them.

Now, we will come back to the story. The story is that,

‘Everything was fine in The great indian Circus except Chunky. He is a headache for everyone in the circus.

Once he played a prank at Savitri while she was talking (for the first time freely) with Bhole Ram and changed his voice and said that it was Bhole who paid him for this prank. Saviti’s heart was shattered and she left Bhole. Bhole was very angry. So he ran after Chunky. What happens after that is unexpected and surprising. Bhole chased Chunky to the Trapeze platform and started swinging. That is when a lightning bolt struck the metal and they fall. When they gained consciousness, they found that their bodies got exchanged. 

Nobody believed them. Bhole Ram got all the punishment because he was in the body of Chunky the Funky Monkey. Everybody got confused by the surprising behaviour of both the animals. Bhole Ram, I mean chunky, was locked in the cage attached to, but part by a thin grill, the Panthers’ cage. There he heard something horrible and got scared. But nobody believed him because the reputation of his body was very bad. He tried very hard but failed. At last, he lost hope and left everything to the decision of fate.

The next time, when the circus show was going on, an attack on the tent took place and Bhole Ram (in the body of Chunky) tried to save all his friends and other people.

But what happens after that is surprising, unexpected and very emotional. An ending which best suited this story.


The story is a mixture of fantasy, adventure and humour. It is full of entertainment. A bewitching book which will force you to read it in one go. The story is written in a simple and entertaining language. The best part about the book is it contains loads of very beautiful illustrations in every chapter. A must-read book for young adults and especially those who are in very young age. A masterpiece by a person who is himself a famous actor/director of movies for children.

Link to buy the book-

An illustration


Details about the author- 

Jugal Hansraj is a feature film actor, writer and a National Award-winning film director based in Mumbai. He began working in films first as a child actor—Masoom (1983)—and went on to become a lead actor in films like Papa Kahte Hai (1996) and Mohabbatein (2000).In 2006, he turned writer-director and made the animated film Roadside Romeo and in 2010 he directed the feature film Pyaar Impossible! He is currently the Head of Creative Development for new projects at Dharma Productions. Cross Connection is his first book. He is based in Mumbai, India.

Jugal Hansraj

Details about the Publication-

Rupa Publications is leading publication in not only India but in the whole world. It is an Indian publishing company based in Kolkata which was founded in 1936 by D. Mehra at College Street in Calcutta. It publishes bestselling books by famous authors including Ruskin Bond, Ravi Subramanian, Chetan Bhagat, etc.


Get details and catalogue here-


Have a good day and keep reading!

Wonder Books!


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