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‘The Brahmin- The Real One Man Army’ Review of ‘The Brahmin’ by Ravi Shankar Etteth.

‘The Brahmin- The Real One Man Army’

The Brahmin

By- Ravi Shankar Etteth

Publisher- Westland Publications.

Genre- Historical Fiction and Crime and thriller.

My rating- 4.9/5

Kings have no loyalties, that is why they are kings’

The Brahmin

I told the Brahmin as one man army because he has all- wisdom, intelligence, power, cunning, Skill, excellence, strength, the strength to take quick decisions, etc.

He is himself equal to a whole army and he has proved it.

‘The whole story starts with a mysterious murder of a concubine of the king. The body is found in a cremation ground with a Kovidara- the blood flower- besides the corpse. The presence of the Kovidara beside a corpse points to only one person or group, The Blood Flower. Yes, The Blood Flower is also a name of a person or group, which or who has the habit of leaving behind a Kovidara after murdering a person. It is the belief that The Blood Flower is death itself. No one has ever gained even a short glance of the Blood Flower. He/She/It kills with a super fine skill with no evidence left behind.

It is the rumour that the Blood Flower has entered Magadha- the kingdom of Maurayas, ruled by the great Ashoka. It is also the belief that he/she/it is working for the Kalinga- the enemy kingdom of Magadha. War is looming over the whole Magadha. The bloodlust and huge ambition of the Ashoka to rule over the whole world has resulted in the preparation for a war between Kalinga and Magadha.

Between this all mess, a murder is a serious problem. Ashoka has entrusted this matter to The Brahmin. He has given him 7 days to solve this whole mess. But before Brahmin can even solve one mystery, one after other takes place. More murders are taking place in Magadha.

Lord Suma, a diplomat from Magadha, has come to Magadha for peacemaking. But Brahmin thinks something else. He thinks that Lord Suma and his whole group is planning something big and is after something important.

The Brahmin goes to Ujjain with Hao- his assistant spy, with supreme excellence and skill. She has the speciality of appearing as well as disappearing into thin air. In Ujjain, more murders take place and Brahmin finally finds that what the big plan of the Kalingans was. He prepares a plan to tackle the disaster coming soon and to also save the pride and Kingdom of Magadha.

Everything goes fine but what happens on the birthday of Queen Asandhimitra- the most respected queen of Ashoka- is terrible and unexpected which will leave you gasping for your breath and will leave you in surprise.’

‘Power is an abyss that can never be filled. War is the destiny of kings. It makes the winner wise and the loser wiser’

-The Brahmin


The story is a mixture of history, crime, thrill, fantasy and mythology. It is a mixture of truth and imagination. It is based on the Mauryan period of Ashoka. It is a story which will leave you gasping for your breath and will surprise you in the end with its secrets. The characters are very strong and well created and explained. The writing style is simple and bewitching. The story is highly entertaining and is amazing. A must-read book from Ravi Shankar Etteth.

Details about the author-

Ravi Shankar Etteth is the author of 5 novels: The Tiger by the River (2002), The Village of the Widows (2003), The Gold of Their Regrets (2009), The Book of Shiva(2016) and The Brahmin (2018). He has been a graphic designer, political cartoonist and editor of magazines and newspapers. He currently lives in Delhi and works as a consulting editor with The New Indian Express Group.


Ravi Shankar Etteth (PC- Bahrisons books)

Link to buy the book ‘The Brahmin’-


The Brahmin


The Brahmin : A Novel

Have a good day and keep reading!

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