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Review of ‘Geronimo Stilton and The phoenix of Destiny: An epic Kingdom Of fantasy Adventure’ by Elisabetta Dami.

Geronimo Stilton and The Phoenix of Destiny: An epic Kingdom Of fantasy Adventure

By- Elisabetta Dami

Publisher- Scholastic

Genre- Children and young adult, Fantasy, adventure

My rating- 5.5/5

In a land far, far, far away…

In a kingdom of fairies and giants and dragons…

A daring, exciting, amazing adventure awaits!

Don’t be a ‘fraidy mouse- Read on!’

‘Geronimo was thinking hard to write a fantasy adventure. Suddenly, he noticed two blazing eyes in the fire looking at him. He immediately understood that they belonged to some amazing creature- A Phoenix. The Phoenix had come for Geronimo to take him to the Kingdom Of Fantasy because the one and only queen of KOF Blossom had called for Geronimo.

But when Geronimo reached the Crystal Castle, the condition of the whole palace was surprising. The castle was full of Strange people. The queen ordered Geronimo to bring her 7 mysterious and magical object-

  • The sweet dreams cradle.
  • The essence of darkness.
  • The crystal coffin.
  • The green hair from the three Hairballs.
  • The Stone Mask.
  • The click-clack chain
  • Condensed Sadness.

The journey to find these objects were very hard. But Geronimo had some old friends. Geronimo succeded in finding these all objects and successfully bringing them to the queen with their help. But what happens after that was unexpected and surprising, A war between life and death and a war between good and evil.


A mixture of fantasy, adventure, magic, bravery, intelligence and humour. A story which will carry you in a magical world you never ever imagined about. A very nice story. I gave it 5.5 out of 5 because it is worth more than even 5.5.

It is the first series from which I started reading English novels and even now I can’t stop reading this series.

A must-read book for people of all ages, who have a young heart.



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