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‘Vicks Menon- A brilliant Journalist caught in The Vortex’ Review of ‘Murder in Paharganj’ by Kulpreet Yadav.

Murder in Paharganj

By- Kulpreet Yadav

Publisher- Bloomsbury

Genre- Crime, thriller, romance

My rating- 4.9/5


Murder in Paharganj by Kulpreet Yadav

‘Vicks Menon- an alcoholic, brilliant journalist, a man with sharp mind and eyes, a brave person, a very intelligent investigator and everything you need for a complete and brilliant detective- is called by his friend Raju to his hotel. An Israeli woman, Sherry Bing, is found dead in her room. Vicks is the first outsider to see her corpse and visit the scene of the crime. Vicks takes it as a golden opportunity because he was kicked out of his job as an investigative journalist in India Now newspaper a few months ago. He takes some pics and writes a whole report on the crime and sends it to his boss. His boss finds the story interesting and publishes it. What happens after that is surprising, the story hits the top and the demand for India Now reaches the sky. The editor commissions Vicks to dig deep and bring him more information. But it is not the money for which Vicks takes this case but it is to gain his earlier respect and job in India Now as well as to gain his lost love in the eyes of Tonya- the only living being he cares for.

A few months ago, everything was going fine when Vicks lost his job due to his habit of drinking alcohol then due to this very alcohol he lost Tonya also.

Now, Vicks is on his quest to catch the criminal known as Jamie. Vicks follows Jamie everywhere from Delhi to Udaipur to Bangkok to Kolkata to Sikkim. But every time he misses him by an inch and sometimes even becomes his prey himself.

But, nobody knows that there is a very big fishy plan behind this whole conspiracy which is looming over the people of two important countries.

Vicks, as he was the first person to reach the crime scene, becomes the prime suspect in the police investigation and because he is tailing the murderer he also becomes his prime target. This is the situation he refers to the Vortex. A situation when you are the target from both sides. Vicks has to not only investigate and tail the murderer but he has to evade the police also.

In the last chapters, the story takes a sudden change which changes the story completely and leaves the reader in bewilderment.

The end is very surprising and unexpected but an end needed most by the story.’


A brilliant story. A mixture of crime, thrill, mystery, romance, politics, bravery, intelligence and treachery. The whole story is very interesting. It is divided into 70 chapters of average 2-4 pages, which is the best part because reading long chapters is the most boring thing, I think, a reader faces.

The story is written in a style in which chapters are divided on characters. it means the chapters are character-based. Every chapter has its own lead character, on whom the chapter is based. The visuals are his and the thoughts are his also. No other character can enter in the chapter of any other character.

Written in a very interesting and entertaining style, this story will not only entertain you but will leave you gasping for your breath at the end of almost all chapters.

A must-read Thriller by Kulpreet Yadav- The master of crime.


Details about the author-


Kulpreet Yadav is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, startup mentor and the founder-editor of Open Road Review, South Asia’s leading online literature and culture magazine. Kulpreet’s latest novel, The Girl Who Loved a Pirate, is India’s first thriller based on marine piracy and hijacking. Passionate about creative writing, Kulpreet also mentors aspiring writers at schools and colleges and has spoken at many literary festivals in India and abroad. An ex-armed forces officer, he lives in New Delhi, India.


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