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Review of ‘Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs (Includes Indian Dinosaurs)’ by Scholastic.With Detailed Chapter-wise review and full-page analysis.

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

Publisher- Scholastic

Genre- Non-Fiction, Facts, Information.

My rating-5/5

‘Meet the rulers of the world. Who ruled the whole world millions of years ago’


‘This is an amazing book by Scholastic. A detailed and interesting encyclopedia about dinosaurs. The best thing about this book is that it includes Indian Dinosaurs also. It has explained every point in detail which will I show you further in my chapter-wise and full-page analysis. Overall, it is a nice book for people of all ages who have a curious mind.’

Chapter-wise Review-


this whole chapter is devoted to explaining the history and evolution of dinosaurs. It explains the development of Dinosaurs with stage by stage explanation along with date and time period also.


This chapter explains that what a dinosaur is and how can we define a creature as Dinosaur.


This chapter classifies the Dinosaurs in various groups on the basis of their various feature, habits, physical features, diet, etc.


This chapter includes the explanation of more than 50 dinosaurs with details like their habit, diet, height, etc.

(To see the components read the full page-analysis)

Full-Page analysis-

Components of a single page-

1. Details about the fossil-

It contains the details about the finding of the fossils of a particular dinosaur. When they were found and where they were found, details similar to this are given in the box.


2. Details about the dinosaur-

This box includes the details about the dinosaur-like its history, its structure, its physical features, facts about it, its habits, its diet, etc.


3. Comparison of the height of dinosaur with Humans.

It contains a graph which compares the height of the dinosaur with that of a human being.


4. Details about the period from which they belong.

It shows the period from which the particular Dinosaur belongs to. There are 4 periods, TRIASSIC, JURASSIC, CRETACEOUS, AGE OF MAMMALS.


5. Facts about the Dinosaur.

It includes facts about the Dinosaur. Some funny, some interesting and some terrible.


6. Physical Details about the Dinosaur.

It includes a picture of the dinosaur and explains the structure and formation of various body parts of a dinosaur. Like tail, head, claw, etc.


7. Details about the name of the Dinosaur.

It includes the name of the dinosaur. It also includes the name divided into parts to help a person to pronounce the name easily and correctly.


8. Details about the length, weight and diet about the dinosaur.

A box named ‘Dino Data’ includes the details about the Length, Weight and Diet of the Dinosaur.


9. A nice Pic of the Dinosaur.


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Hope you all like my review!

Have a good Day and keep reading!

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