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‘Ravan- The One Who Forced God To Become Human’ Review of ‘Ravana Leela’ by Radha Viswanath.

Ravan Leela

By- Radha Viswanath

Publisher- Rupa Publications

Genre- Mythology, History, Adventure

My Rating- 5/5

‘Ravana- A Prey Of Revenge and Ambition’


‘The story starts with the 3 Brothers- Malyavant, Sumali and Mali, children of Sukesh. Sukesh is himself the child of Heti- Manasputra of Brahma. But Sukesh’s parents abandoned him after his birth. Maa Parvati pitied and blessed the whole Rakshasa lineage with superpowers due to this incident.

The eldest brother was Powerful and ambitious, The middle one was neutral, and The youngest one was mild and believed ion Dharma. The ruled Lanka and lived happily but the big ambition of Malyavant to rule over the whole world led to a war between them and the Great Vishnu in which The youngest brother Mali got killed and the eldest retired to the forest in grief. The whole responsibility came on the shoulder of Sumal.

Sumali left Bhoo-Loka and took the whole family to Naga-Loka but they had to live a life of misery there. The biggest desire of Sumali was to live and rule on Lanka again and take revenge of their humiliation. Due to his this desire, he made a plan.

He sent his daughter Kaikasi to Maharshi Vishravasu to beget a mighty child who will fulfil his desire. This prey of Revenge and Ambition was Dashgreeva, popularly known as Ravana. He had also 2 younger brothers. Again, the eldest- Ravana- was powerful and ambitious, the middle one- Kumbhakaran- was neutral and the youngest- Vibheeshan – was a staunch believer in Dharma.

Ravan was a great ruler. Everybody lived happily in his reign. But his thirst for power increased with every victory. He wanted to be the ruler of the all 3 lokas.

He was also a very romantic person. He once even asked Lord Shiva for Maa Parvati as a boon. But he didn’t know then that his this very habit will become the cause for his end.


The book is amazing. A mixture of mythology, romance and adventure. It is a mixture of facts and imagination. It is like a biography of Ravan, which is worth to read. Written in a simple and interesting way, this book will hold you until the last page. A must-read novel by Radha Viswanath.


Details about the author- 

Radha Viswanath was born in Andhra Pradesh and spent most of her life in Delhi. Trained as a teacher, Radha entered journalism late in life. After a distinguished career as a political correspondent spanning three decades, she retired from active journalism. She has the honour of being the first woman journalist to be admitted in the long and distinguished category of parliamentary journalists, in 2006.
An avid reader with a keen interest in Hindu mythology, she aims to bring the complexities of the Indian political discourse into intricate and rich mythological narratives.



Details about the Publication-

Rupa Publications is leading publication in not only India but in the whole world. It is an Indian publishing company based in Kolkata which was founded in 1936 by D. Mehra at College Street in Calcutta. It publishes bestselling books by famous authors including Ruskin Bond, Ravi Subramanian, Chetan Bhagat, etc.


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