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7 Books to read this Fifa World Cup 2018! My recommendations for all the Fifa Fans!

Fifa Fever is on its Top. Football Fans from all over the world are gathering to watch their favourite players and teams play in the legendary world cup. Unfortunately, those who do not get this chance are watching this event on TV or their Smartphone. The whole world has entered a state of ‘Unimaginable Enthusiasm’.


The tour of Fifa is very long, from 1930 to 2018. You can’t watch all the matches which took place under this legendary event, but you can still read about them. So, Here are the books whom you will love to have this Fifa World Cup 2018.

1. The Illustrated History of Football World Cup 1930-2018: Collector’s Edition.

by Christopher Fritz (Author), German Aczel (Author, Illustrator), Paula Silvana Cagnoni (Translator)


The Illustrated History of Football World Cup 1930-2018, brings together the best moments of all the Football World Cups. The book showcases distinctive caricatures of the most iconic players, the most spectacular goals and the most poignant scenes, accompanied by facts and gripping background stories. The book is the perfect Football World Cup primer in comic style for fans young and old.

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2. The Football Fanatic’s Essential Guide: 2018 World Cup Special.

by Novy Kapadia (Author)


The definitive companion to the 2018 World Cup.

Every four years, football kicks off a frenzy with every match, every player and every kick being analysed with fervour and recorded with vigour. This essential handbook is the perfect volume for every football-crazy fan who wants right on hand.

The Football Fanatic’s Essential Guide for 2018 is jam-packed with fascinating facts on international matches and players since the tournament began. Put together by reputed sports journalist, columnist and commentator Novy Kapadia, this compendium of football facts will score with every passionate enthusiast of the beautiful game.

 100 quiz questions to test your football quotient
 All the stats you need from 1930 to 2014
 Tracking charts for 2018 matches

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3. COPA90, Our World Cup (World Cup Russia 2018).

by Copa90 (Author)


In the summer of 2018, the entire planet will be glued to its screens as Russia hosts the greatest show on earth, the Fifa world cup.
As the home of global football fan culture, COPA90 will be there every step of the way to bring the true story of Russia 2018 to its huge social media following.
Football fans of all ages can be one step ahead of the game with this comprehensive guide to the planet’s biggest tournament. This isn’t just a book about the big teams and the star names it’s the real football fan’s world cup book. Penned by COPA90’s own in-house team of football fanatics, it has something for everyone including, the full run-down on all 32 competing nations, with a focus on each side’s biggest legend and most promising young star.
A guide to the host nation’s stadiums and cities, with info, gathered from copa90’s own travels to Russia. The most memorable moments in world cup history. The best and worst teams, players, kits and goal celebrations.
Find out which of your favourite stars make the grade in COPA90’s ultimate world cup XI much, much more.

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4. Mammoth Book Of The World Cup (Mammoth Books).

by Nick Holt  (Author)


An all-encompassing, chronological guide to football’s world cup, one of the world’s few truly international events, in good time for the June 2014 kick-off in Rio de Janeiro. From its beginnings in 1930 to the modern all-singing, all-dancing self-styled ‘greatest show on earth’, every tournament is covered with features on major stars and great games, as well as stories about some less celebrated names and quirky stats and intriguing essays. Holt’s focus is very much on what takes place on the field, rather than how football is a mirror for economic corruption, or how a nation’s style of play represents a profound statement about its people, or how a passion for football can lift underpaid, socially marginalised people out of poverty. From the best world cups, in 1958 and 1970, to the worst, in 1962 and 2010, he looks behind the facts and the technical observations to the stories: the mysterious sins of omission; critical injuries to key players; and coaching u-turns. He explains how England’s world cup achievements under Sven-göran Eriksson, far from being a national disgrace, were actually quite impressive and looks at why Alf Ramsey didn’t take Bobby Charlton off in 1970, but this is no parochial, jingoistic account. The book also asks why Brazil did not contribute in 1966, despite having won the previous two tournaments and going on to win the next one? Why the greatest players of their day did not always shine at the world cup – George best and Alfredo di Stefano, for example, never even made it to the finals. Why did Johann Cruyff not go to the 1978 world cup? And why did one of Germany’s greatest players never play in the world cup? There are lots of tables, some filled with obvious, but necessary information, but others with more quirky observations. Alongside accounts of epic games, there are also brief biographies of all the great heroes of the world cup.

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5. The Story of the World Cup: 2018.

by Brian Glanville  (Author)


Brian Glanville’s dramatic history of the world’s most famous football tournament has become the most authoritative guide to the World Cup. His classic, bestselling account is a vivid celebration of the great players and legendary matches in the competition from Uruguay in 1930 to Brazil in 2014 – as well as a bold attack on those who have mismanaged the ‘beautiful game’. Fully revised and updated in anticipation of Russia’s hosting of the event in 2018, this is the definitive book on the World Cup for football fans and novices alike.

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6. Wicked World Cup 2018.

by Michael Coleman  (Author)


This international guide gives footie fans the coolest commentary on the brilliant Brazilians, the awesome Argentinians, the invincible Italians and the fantastic French. PLUS discover the secrets of football’s superstars -from Pelé to Beckham and beyond. This up-to-the-minute guide is the essential piece of kit for 2018!

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7. The Football Book.



Discover the world’s best teams and biggest competitions with the ultimate visual guide to football, fully updated for the 2018 World Cup.

Are you a keen player, a lifelong supporter, or simply an armchair football manager? The Football Book has something for everyone, packed with stats and facts. From the history of football to the most recent tournaments, The Football Book reveals the story behind the game.
Profiling more than 65 of the world’s best sporting nations, including the winners of the 2014 World Cup, Germany, the biggest names in club football, and looking at techniques from free-kicks to block tackling, this is the ultimate guide to the beautiful game.

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Hope You all Like it!

Wonder Books!

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