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‘Will Andy succeed in saving the nation from the danger coming?’ Review of ‘The Girl Who Loved A Spy’ by Kulpreet Yadav.

The Girl Who Loved A Spy

By- Kulpreet Yadav

Publisher- Rumour Books India

Genre- Crime, Thriller, Romance, Spy

My Rating- 5/5


‘Andy Karan-An Ex-Army Officer and A Journalist, who works for the New Delhi Today– receives a call from his boss Monica and is said to go to Tilakpur, in Rewari near New Delhi, to follow a murder story. But the whole story changes when Andy reaches Tilakpur. He gets to know that something dangerous is brewing up which will threaten the security and peace of the whole country. At the same time, he is approached by an old man from a secret government organisation The List- a group of secret agents who help the government – and is said to dig deep into this matter.

Andy follows the trail and gets to know some mind-blowing secrets about a big plan which will not only harm the country but will leave a dark stain on the image of the current government.

Andy faces a lot of hurdles and dangers on his quest but he never loses hope. Sometimes he escapes death from a millimetre. But He is determined to unveil the dirty plan of two ambitious businessmen from India and Pakistan. One is Krishna Bedi, popularly known as KB, the other is Kismet Khan. Both have a common enemy, America.

Everything goes fine when the story takes a turn which changes the course of the story and leaves you gasping for your breath.’


A thrilling story. A mixture of crime, thrill, romance and adventure. The story is super interesting and will not only entertain you but will leave an ever-lasting impression on your mind.

The characters are strong and well-created. The story is written in a simple, interesting and engaging way.

I want to say that Kulpreet Yadav is really a king of Thrillers and this book is a must-read.

Details about the author-


Kulpreet Yadav is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, startup mentor and the founder-editor of Open Road Review, South Asia’s leading online literature and culture magazine. Kulpreet’s latest novel, The Girl Who Loved a Pirate, is India’s first thriller based on marine piracy and hijacking. Passionate about creative writing, Kulpreet also mentors aspiring writers at schools and colleges and has spoken at many literary festivals in India and abroad. An ex-armed forces officer, he lives in New Delhi, India.


Link to buy the book-


Have a good day and keep reading!

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