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Review of ‘Ravaayan: Leela Of Raavan’ By Siddharth Arora ‘Sahar’ and Manish Khandelwal

‘Ravaayan: Leela Of Raavan’

By -Siddharth Arora ‘Sahar’ and

       Manish Khandelwal

Genre- Humour, Action, Adventure, Romance, Mythology

My Rating- 4.9/5


‘A tale in which the characters act opposite’


‘It is a story of a careless, rebellious, insolent but good at heart person, known as Jeetu. Jeetu’s family comprises of four brothers and one sister and their mom and Dad. The eldest brother is Ramendra (Ramu), after him, Ajay (Ajju), after him Jitendra (Jitu), after him Himani and, at last, the youngest Chhutku.

Everything was going almost fine until Jitu’s Masi arrived and the Ravaayan started in the household of Jitu.

Jitu was kicked out of his home for a very big mistake (Small in his eyes). Jitu left his home and for few days wandered here and there. During this period of a few days, he discovered many dark secrets about his family members. During this period, He also met Shamsher a.k.a. Ravan. This person was very infamous for brutal behaviour but Jitu discovered something else.

In the end, Jitu faced a very big disaster and this very incident changed the whole course of the story as well as the life of all the members in the family of Jitu.’


A  very funny and interesting story. Written in an amazing way, this story will not only entertain you but will teach you a lot. This story proves that a good Name does not make a person good.

A mixture of Action, Adventure, Suspense, Fun, Humour and Romance, this story will hold you till the last page.

A very entertaining and must-read novel by Siddharth Arora ‘Sahar’ and Manish Khandelwal.

Link To Buy The Book-


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