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Release Date Revealed Of ‘Lethal White: Cormoran Strike 4’ by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling). Details and Pre-order link in the post.

Mind-Blowing Good News Ahead!

Finally, J.K. Rowling (Robert Galbraith) announced the release date as well as revealed the cover of her upcoming book ‘Lethal White- Cormoran Strike Book 4’.

The book will release on 18th of September 2018 and will be published by Little Brown in UK and Hachette in India.

Synopsis of the Book-


I have seen a kid killed… He strangled it, up by the horse.

When Billy, a troubled young man, comes to private eye Cormoran Strike’s office to ask for his help investigating a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child, Strike is left deeply unsettled. While Billy is obviously mentally distressed, and cannot remember many concrete details, there is something sincere about him and his story. But before Strike can question him further, Billy bolts from his office in a panic.

Trying to get to the bottom of Billy’s story, Strike and Robin Ellacott — once his assistant, now a partner in the agency — set off on a twisting trail that leads them through the backstreets of London, into a secretive inner sanctum within Parliament, and to a beautiful but sinister manor house deep in the countryside.

And during this labyrinthine investigation, Strike’s own life is far from straightforward: his newfound fame as a private eye means he can no longer operate behind the scenes as he once did. Plus, his relationship with his former assistant is more fraught than it ever has been — Robin is now invaluable to Strike in the business, but their personal relationship is much, much more tricky than that…”


Details About The Series-

Cormoran Strike is one of the main characters of a series of crime fiction books written by British author J. K. Rowling, published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The story chronicles the many cases of private investigator Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. Three novels in the series have so far been written with another announced in 2017. Rowling has stated that she has plans for at least another ten.

The first two novels were adapted as a television series for BBC One and aired in the summer of 2017. The series was renewed for a second season, based on the third book, Career of Evil which aired in 2 episodes in February / March 2018.

Details About The Author-

Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, bestselling author of the Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy.

Why a pseudonym? J.K. Rowling wanted to begin a new writing career in a new genre and to release her crime novels to a neutral audience, free of expectation or hype.

The first Robert Galbraith novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, was published in 2013 to critical acclaim from reviewers and fellow crime writers alike.

Although the author’s true identity was unexpectedly revealed, J.K. Rowling continues to write the Cormoran Strike series under the name of Robert Galbraith to maintain the distinction from her other writing.

Two more books have been equally well received: The Silkworm (2014) and Career of Evil(2015).

The books have been adapted as a major new television series for BBC One, produced by Brontë Film and Television.

The fourth novel, Lethal White, is in the works.

Link To Buy/Pre-Order the book-


Amazon- http://amzn.in/caFWS1k

Flipkart- https://www.flipkart.com/lethal-white-strike-novel/p/itmf7fhyepnudxy2?pid=9780751572865&lid=LSTBOK9780751572865EIZIPV&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=c20d6f5a-a941-4117-a63f-f991a222a8a1.9780751572865.SEARCH&ppt=Homepage&ppn=Homepage&ssid=sz6lw1kcao0000001531474786188&qH=69ff2fda08d17e64

Links to buy Other Books in This Series-

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Career Of Evil (Book 3)-

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