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Review of ‘Rafina’ by Shandana Minhas.


By- Shandana Minhas

Publisher- Picador India (Pan Macmillan)

Genre- Fiction

My Rating- 4/5


‘The whole thing starts with the arrival of a billboard with a picture of a card girl on it. Rafina- a simple girl with a simple family comprising of her mother Naz and brother Kunwar- starts competing herself with the card girl. She developed dreams that someday she would be also on some billboard and people will admire her beauty. Rafina’s life takes a turn when her mother’s friend- Rosie Khala, as called by her- offers her a job in the Radiance Salon where she herself worked. Rosie Khala became more than a friend for Rafina, she turned to a mother-like figure for her who cared for Rafina. Rafina succeeded in acquiring a small position in Radiance but it was enough for her as Radiance was the most famous salon in the whole Karachi and many big stars came there every day. She thought that someday it could give her a golden opportunity to fulfil her dream to become a real MODEL, with millions of fans at her back. And it did happen and she got the success but it came with a bitter experience.

The ending is a bit disappointing and not as good as compared to the whole story.


Shandana Minhas wrote an inspirational and very good story. The story is wonderful and must-read. Written in an interesting and simple way, this story will tell you that sometimes ambitions as big as sky also become true. The characters are well-created and described.

Everything is fine except the ending. She did a poor work with the ending. It was not according to the expectations of readers from her. It ruins the soul of the story, a story of an innocent girl, and limits the audience of the story just because of the ending.

If we leave that, overall, it is a superb story.

Details About The Author-

SHANDANA MINHAS is the award-winning Pakistani author of the novels Tunnel Vision, Survival Tips for Lunatics and Daddy’s Boy.

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