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Pre-Order ‘Pyjamas are Forgiving’ By Twinkle Khanna. Details about the book inside.

Book Name- Pyjamas are Forgiving

Author- Twinkle Khanna

Publisher- Juggernaut

MRP- Rs.325

Pages- 256

Format- Paperback

Genre- Fiction

ISBN- 978-9386228970

Release Date- 7th September 2018




”Shanthamaaya Sthalam in Kerala is nothing less than the iron man of ayurvedic spas. Here patients have to receive daily shots of ghee laced with cow’s urine and be purged both by leeches and the world’s most powerful laxative. Anshu, a regular, is a firm believer in the powers of Ayurveda, but on this visit, she finds it harder to rebalance herself. For among the milieu of new patients is a familiar and unsettling one – her ex-husband. In the serene sanctuary of (No Suggestions), where food is rationed, sex is forbidden and emotions centred, Anshu finds herself awash with old memories and she discovers that even as her body is being rejuvenated, her mind remains a wasteland. Bittersweet, funny and wise, pyjamas are forgiving is a story of second chances, of losing yourself and making yourself anew. It confirms twinkle Khanna as one of our great storytellers, a writer who can immerse you in her world, create unforgettable characters and break your heart even as she makes you laugh out loud.”

Details About The Author-


Twinkle Khanna is the bestselling author of Mrs Funnybones and the legend of Lakshmi Prasad. She is also the producer of the hit film Padman, based on one of the stories in the legend of Lakshmi Prasad.

Links To Buy The Book-


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