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Pre-Order ‘The Perfect Us’ By Durjoy Datta. Details about the book inside.

Book Name- The Perfect Us

Author- Durjoy Datta

Publisher- Penguin

MRP- Rs. 199

Pages- 288

Format- Paperback

Genre- Fiction, Romance

ISBN- 978-0143426592

Release Date- 31st August 2018



”Love is not having to hold back . . . but will she ever truly let him in?
Avantika is an investment banker, an ambitious go-getter and the exact opposite of Deb-a corporate professional turned failed writer, turned scripter of saas-bahu serials. 
They’ve been together for ten years, surviving everything from college to rave parties to annoying best friends, including Shrey, who has no respect for personal boundaries, and Vernita and Tanmay-the annoying yet enviable ‘it’ couple who seem to have it all. 
Now Avantika wants to take the next step. But will Deb be able to catch up? Or will it rip them apart? No matter how hard he tries, Deb can’t convince Avantika that he’s the one for her. Not as long as she is broken and her past looms in the background-pushing her, troubling her, goading her to question if their love is enough. 
Will Deb be able to find their perfect place?
The Perfect Us is love’s struggle to find a happily ever after. . .”

Details About The Author-


Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi and completed a degree in
engineering and business management before embarking on a writing
career. His first book-Of Course I Love You. .-was published
when he was twenty-one years old and was an instant bestseller.
His successive novels-Now That You’re Rich. .; She Broke Up, I
Didn’t!. .; Oh Yes, I’m Single!. .; You Were My Crush. .; If It’s
Not Forever. .; Till the Last Breath. .; Someone Like YouHold My
HandWhen Only Love RemainsWorld’s Best BoyfriendThe Girl
of My DreamsThe Boy Who LovedThe Boy with the Broken
Heart-have also found prominence on various bestseller lists,
making him one of the highest-selling authors in India.
Durjoy also has to his credit nine television shows and has written
over a thousand episodes for television.
He lives in Mumbai. For more updates, you can follow him on
Facebook (www.facebook.com/durjoydatta1) or Twitter (@durjoydatta)
or mail him at durjoydatta@gmail.com.

Links To Buy The Book-

Amazon- The Perfect Us

Flipkart- The Perfect Us

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