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Review Of ‘A Christmas Miracle’ by Hardik Upreti

Book Name- A Christmas Miracle

Author- Hardik Upreti

Publisher- Blue Rose

MRP- Rs.150

Pages- 59

Format- Paperback

Genre- Children

ISBN- 978-1945604881

Release Date- 2017

My Rating- 4.5/5



It is a story of a small and happy family of McAlisters including the siblings Phil & Angelina and their parents Jack and Rachel. Phil is an Xbox-fan and he spends his almost all time playing games on that device.

They lived in Chicago but after the promotion of Mrs McAlister, they have to shift to San Fransisco.

They get a creepy-old house in San Fransisco. Phil suspects that ghosts live in this house but nobody cares about his opinion.

The real fun starts when McAlisters have to go to a party and Phil and Angelina have to remain at Home Alone.


It is a Home Alone- the 90s famous movie franchise- type story. The story is interesting and with a new plot.

The writing style is very good for an author of such a young age.

The book has a few errors but I don’t think that they affect the fun of reading this story. Although, I think that they must be removed from the next edition.

Overall, a very nice book and a must-read for children. I hope that Hardik Upreti will continue writing good stories and entertaining his readers in the future.

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