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Review of ‘Sniper’s Eye’ by Mainak Dhar

Book Name- Sniper’s Eye

Author- Mainak Dhar

Publisher- 4 Hour Books (Tara Publications) 

MRP- Rs. 299

Pages- 238

Format- Paperback

Genre- Crime, Thriller, Suspense

ISBN- 978-8183861434

My Rating- 4.75/5


From The Back Cover-

I was out on a date. Everything was perfect… Till that shot… a high-calibre one, no apparent sound. And, the man in front of me fell. A rifle with a suppressor? A sniper in the middle of a Mumbai mall? As the body count mounted, I was soon sucked deeper into the chaos unleashed by that shot. To survive and save those whom I care about, I have to become the man I left behind. I have no choice but to tap into a bloody past that has put me on the terror kill list. I may also have no option but to join hands with the sniper terrorising Mumbai. The problem is that the man has sworn to kill me. In a world where the young and poor kill and die in conflicts started by the old and rich, I and my unlikely companion finally discover the thin line that separates a mere killer from a hero. This is our story…


It is the story of an ex-army major who leaves behind his dark past and starts a new life in the corporate sector. But his fate has decided something else for him. Even if he does not want to mingle with anything which will disturb his life again, he gets involved in a serious case of serial murder in Mumbai. He is deeply connected to the whole chain of incidents.

In the first half of the story, he tries to escape from these deadly terrorists who want him and hundreds of other persons dead. He tries his best to escape from them. He also gets assistance from the Police but the danger is becoming large with the passing of every second. The danger is not looming over his head only, he has endangered the lives of some other persons also who are very important and close to him.

The story takes a turn after the first half and then the whole story changes. The Major gets to know about an evil scam run by some corrupt and evil army officials and politicians in the middle-east. Due to this very scam, thousands of people lose their life. The Major finds a friend also and they both, along with other friends of the Major, start their hunt for the killer of the hundreds of innocent persons- who had acted as a puppeteer for them, till now.


It is a very thrilling story with a fast-pace. The suspense is gripping in this book. The story has a good number of sharp turns and surprises. In most places, you can’t predict the next move but yet in some places, the turns are mild and predictable.

As this book is a thriller, there is no doubt that suspense and turns are the main ingredients and I will say that the author has done a good work with them, except in few places.

As the name of the publication itself suggests, I completed the book in almost 4 hours and in one sitting. It was an engaging and gripping read. I can’t drop it once I start reading it.

I liked the writing style and the way of explaining everything of the author very much. The plot of the story was quite different and never heard before- you will find what I am talking about once you read the book.

Overall, I would conclude that it is a quick but gripping read and everyone must read this book once if they love suspenseful thrillers.

Details About The Author-


After finishing his schooling at Modern School, Barakhamba Road and his under-graduation at Hindu College, Delhi, Mainak Dhar graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has spent two decades in the corporate sector — starting with Procter & Gamble in India. He spent eighteen years with P&G, fifteen of them outside India across the Asia Pacific region. In 2014, he moved back to India as the CEO of the India operations of a major consumer product multinational.
A self-described cubicle dweller by day and writer by night, Mainak is also the author of over a dozen books, some of which have been bestsellers in India and abroad. These books have been translated into Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German and Portuguese. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Puja, and their son, Aditya. When not at work or with his family, he can usually be found working on or thinking about his next book. Learn more about him and contact him at

Links To Buy The Book-

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