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Author- Hardik Upreti

Publisher- Blue Rose

MRP- Rs.120

Pages- 91

Format- Paperback 

Genre- Fantasy, Children

ISBN- 9789387792692

Release Date- 20th March 2018

My Rating- 4/5


From The Back Cover-

Unknown by his importance in the world, Zane gets to know that he is one of the Destined Ninjas to defeat the Dark Lord. He is told that he must go to the Temple of Gandoura, located on the peak of Destino Mountain, to find all the answers to his problems and the “Destined Ninjas.” Will he be successful? Or will he not?


It is a story of a small boy Zane Garrett, who is destined to destroy the Dark Lord along with his other 4 friends. Zane Garrett and his friends are unknown to their destiny.

They have to defeat and destroy the Dark Lord to save the whole world from the evil of the Dark Lord.

But for that, they have to work hard.


It is a good fantasy story. A very good one if compared to the age of the author. Ruskin Bond has also started writing stories in his teens and they were the foundations of his successful career. The author, Hardik Upreti, has started writing much earlier than him and he has even published his two works which are a great achievement as well as opportunity.

The story is short but interesting. I think the story is influenced a bit by other children’s fiction novels like Harry Potter, etc. but the plot is new and different from them.

You will enjoy reading this book and I think you must read this book once. It is worth the price you pay.

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