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Review of ‘Chhotu’ by Arun Gaud

Book Name- Chhotu

Author- Arun Gaud

Publisher- Flydreams Publication

MRP- Rs. 75

Pages- 52

Format- Paperback

Genre- Fiction, Social-issue

My Rating- 4.5/5



चाय पीकर वो सब चलने लगे, आरती ने अपने साथियों से कहा “यार जब भी इस लड़के को देखती हूँ तो बहुत दया आती है, इतनी सी उम्र में क्या कर रहा है ये सब..ये कौन है।?
“अच्छा, पता नहीं तुझे ये कौन है…ये छोटू है। और इतनी मेहनत उसके लिये कर रहा है जिसके लिये हम रात-दिन उल्लू की तरह जागते हैं, मतलब पैसा!” हरीश ने हँसते हुए कहा|
“अरे मैम इतनी भी इमोशनल मत हो, इंडिया में हर मोड़ पर ऐसे छोटू मिलते हैं, सब पैसे के लिये ही मजबूर हैं|” कुलदीप बोला और सब हँसने लगे|


(My Translation of the above Description, it is not official)

After drinking tea, all of them started returning back to their office, Aarti asked her companions, “Whenever I see this boy, I feel so much compassion, what is he doing at such a young age .. Who is he??
“Well, you do not know who he is… He is Chotu. He is doing this all hard work for money, for which we wake up like owls at night! “Harish replied while laughing.
“Hey Ma’am don’t be so emotional, you can find a Chhotu at every nook or corner in India, they are all helpless and need money,” Kuldeep replied and all started laughing.


First of all, I would like to compliment the beautiful and very well-designed cover of this heart-touching and very inspirational book. Flydreams is a new publication but the cover and print-quality astonished me. Both are very great and I would like to say that it is better than existing BIG publications also. It is surprisingly good at the initial stage and I hope that the publication will make it even better in the future.

Now, about the story-

It is a collection of four heart-touching stories based on those social issues we all know and observe every day but ignores them. The stories are-

1.Gulami Ka Patta- It is a story of a kid who works like an almost bonded-labour in a house of a farmer. This story explores the conditions of child labours who work on a farm far away from their houses. This story also teaches the value of freedom and the importance of living a life of dignity.

2. Chhotu– It is a story of a 10 or 12-year-old child whose popular nickname is Chhotu, as it is of almost all those kids who do child labour or work in small age at various places. He works at a tea stall outside a big office and the staff of the office come at the stall for tea and one of them, Aarti, tries to help this kid but in fact, she does not do what she thinks.

This Story expresses the truth behind Child Labour and the conditions which lead to Child Labour bluntly. It tells us that what we think about child labours is not true and their life is not that easy.

It is a truly pathetic story.

3.Nayi Pahchaan- It is not a unique story but it tells the truth. It is a story of a waiter Sundar, who is afraid of talking to his big Doctor friend Ajay due to fear of insult.

It is based on a bitter truth of our society which is that we forget our roots when we start to get higher.

4.Chhallava- It is a funny story told as an anecdote from the author’s childhood. It is a story which is scary as well as funny. It is a story of a ghost, Chhallava, whom the author and his friends discover when they are wandering in the forest.


I enjoyed the stories as a story and I liked the deep message behind each story. The writing story of the author is both interesting and entertaining as well as captivating with a serious meaning at the same time.

Overall, it is a must read book and a quick read.

Links To Buy The Book-

Instamojo (Direct Order From The Publisher and Free Shipping)



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