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Review of ‘Leaving Lisa’ by Jackson Coppley

Book Name- Leaving Lisa

Author- Jackson Coppley

Publisher- Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

MRP- Rs. 262 – Free with Kindle Unlimited

Pages- 366

Format- Paperback/Kindle

Genre- Science Fiction

Release Date- 5th July 2016

My Rating- 5/5



“Lisa died and our conversations began.”

Lisa dies and a device, in her own voice, sends Jason Chamberlain on a journey to Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Italy to spread her ashes.


What will happen if you can talk and interact with someone who is dead?

This book is the story of a person who loses his wife, Lisa, but finds a device which enables him to talk and interact with his wife even after her death. She wants him to fulfil her wish and guides him through this device, which was designed by her when she was alive.

The quest for Lisa’s wish is full of surprises and breath-taking adventures. It is a science-fiction rollercoaster ride, which you will certainly love to ride once.


This book is amazing, an imagination beyond imagination. A true science-fiction novel with a gripping plot and writing style. The story was captivating and I liked the way in which it is written very much. Written in a unique way and with a unique story, this book will take you on an adventure you may have never even imagined before.

Overall, it is a must-read for those who want to read some freaking unique science-fiction novel.

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