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Review of ‘The Perfect Gentleman’ by El George

Book Name- The Perfect Gentleman

Author- El George

Publisher- Leadstart Publications

MRP- Rs. 149

Pages- 122

Format- Paperback

Genre- Short Story Collection, Contemporary Fiction

ISBN- 978-9352010998

My Rating- 5/5


It is a heart-touching short story collection of short stories written in a sarcastic way and based on the contemporary world.

There are 14 different stories which will teach you something while making you smile. The stories are different but the topic is the same- Who is a Gentleman? & What makes a person gentleman?

The stories challenge the common belief. For example- there is a story inside this book in which the people which are commonly accepted as goons, just because they dress like goons and behave like them. help people in flood by risking their own life when no formally dressed gentleman steps forward to help them.

The above example is just one story, there are 14 stories inside this book which will challenge your belief and will force you to think otherwise.

Overall, I think it is one of the best books I read ever and I highly recommend it to all. Read this book and you will learn a lot.

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