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Review of ‘Beyond Asanas’ by Pragya Bhatt

Book Name- Beyond Asanas 

Author- Pragya Bhatt

Publisher- Penguin India

MRP- Rs. 399

Pages- 256

Format- Paperback

Genre- Non-Fiction, Health

ISBN- 978-0143446873

Release Date-  25th June  2019

My Rating- 5/5


Have you ever wondered how these names for yoga poses came about, inspired from animals, nature, and even sages?
Using thirty carefully researched asanas, yoga teacher Pragya Bhatt draws upon her own yoga practice and research to make a connection between ancient Indian mythology and modern yoga practice.
By depicting the beauty and form of each asana through the lens of Joel Koechlin, this book intends to add meaning and value for practitioners and non-practitioners alike, shedding new light on a familiar subject.


This book is a masterpiece.

Till now, almost all of you may have heard only about the names of different asanas and how to do them. But, have you ever wondered about the meaning, benefit and history of these asanas? If yes, then you will find all your answers inside this book.

The book starts with an excellent forward by Kalki Koechlin and is followed by a beautiful and intelligent introduction of Yoga.

There are a total of 30 asanas included inside this book. Each chapter/asana has the following elements-

  • Introduction to Asana
  • History of Asana
  • The history behind the name of the asana
  • The mythological and Indian history of the asana
  • Explanation of the procedure of performing the asana
  • Mention of benefits of the Asana
  • Weird but true, side-effects of the asana

You can read this book as a short story collection while learning a lot from this book. The way chosen by the author to explain the very important topic of Yoga is quite commendable. It makes your learning quite entertaining and interesting.

Overall, this book is a must-read and you must try to learn from this book while enjoying it.

Details About The Author-

PRAGYA BHATT was born in New Delhi and grew up around the world with her parents who were in the Indian Foreign Service. After completing her schooling from various international schools, she went on to pursue a BTech in computer engineering. Pragya worked as a software engineer with companies such as Infosys and Accenture for eight years before finally hanging up her business suit.
After receiving her Yoga Instructors’ Certification from SVYASA (Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Anusudhana Samsthana), she continues to deepen her practice under the guidance of noted teachers. She conducts group and private classes, international training and retreats. Her teachings are also available online at
Pragya Bhatt lives in Bangalore, India. A quintessential Third Culture Kid, she has a keen interest in art, culture, literature and travel. This is her first book.


JOEL KOECHLIN was born in France but has spent most of his life in India. Educated in photography at Switzerland’s prestigious École Supérieure d’Arts Appliquésthe Advanced School of Applied Arts-he has fostered an unwavering passion for the craft over several decades. He began his career as a professional photographer in advertising agencies in Paris, France, and has continued as a freelance photographer in India, from Bangalore to the high Himalayas. He has covered a variety of subjects, extending from architectural and corporate photography to adventure and travel articles for magazines. He is a pilot, a motorcycle enthusiast, a mountain lover and a freelance author, prompt to embrace all aspects of life, in a perpetual quest for personal development and progress. His wife is Indian and he has two children. His work is accessible online at

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