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Review of ‘Kargil’ by Rachna Bisht Rawat

Book Name- Kargil

Author- Rachna Bisht Rawat

Publisher- Penguin 

MRP- Rs. 299

Pages- 288

Format- Flexibound

Genre- Non-Fiction, True Account

ISBN- 978-0143445845

Release Date-  2nd August 2019

My Rating- 5/5


Why does a group of stranded paratroopers call for Bofors’ fire upon its own position? 
Why is an old man in Palampur fighting for justice for his dead soldier son? 
What makes a martyr’s father visit a young Kashmiri girl every year?

Kargil takes you into the treacherous mountains where some of Indian Army’s bloodiest battles were fought. Interviewing war survivors and martyrs’ families, Rachna Bisht Rawat tells stories of extraordinary human courage, of not just men in uniform but also those who loved them the most. With its gritty stories of incomparable bravery, Kargil is a tribute to the 527 young braves who gave up their lives for us and the many who were ready to do it too.


20 years have passed since the Kargil War- one of the worst as well as the greatest war in history. Worst because it was based on treachery and evil from the root and greatest because the gallant soldiers of India fought against the evil forces and smashed them once again. But, the stories of those great persons were limited to the news pieces and articles. No decent book was written for them. But now the drought is over and we have an excellent book which tells us the story of those brave persons not only during the war but also before it and after it.

The author Rachna Bisht Rawat is well acclaimed for her military-based-books, especially about the Indian forces. This book is also one of her masterpieces. Her hard work and research shows inside the book and most importantly her respect for the martyrs & veterans of the Kargil War. This book is a mirror of the challenges they faced- and, sadly but truly, either they or their families are still facing.

Some rare pictures related to the stories and the Kargil War are also included, which are perfect collectables.

The writing needs no review, it is captivating.,

Overall, it is a must-read book.

Details About The Author-

Rachna Bisht Rawat is a journalist, writer, mom to a precocious twelve-year-old and gypsy wife to an army officer whose work has taken the Rawat’s to some of the quirkiest places in India. Rachna has written for publications such as The Statesman, the Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Outlook, Discover India and Femina. She is a 2005 Harry Brittain fellow and winner of the 2006 Commonwealth Press Quarterly’s Rolls Royce Award.

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