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Review of ‘Babu Bangladeshi’ by Numair Atif Choudhury

Book Name- Babu Bangladeshi

Author- Numair Atif Choudhury

Publisher- Harpercollins

MRP- Rs. 599

Pages- 412

Format- Hardcover

Genre- Fiction

ISBN- 978-9353570576

Release Date-  15th June  2019

My Rating- 5/5


Bangladesh, 2028. A biographer begins to document the life of an enigmatic and controversial political luminary – Babu, also known as ‘Babu Bangladesh’. In unearthing the story of a man whom many thoughts were the leader of his generation, he begins to uncover the story of a nation itself. Buildings acquire consciousness to chart political outcomes, a tree stands defiantly even as marauding troops try to blast it out of existence, tribes of snake and tree worshipers compete for regional supremacy, even as fish-humanoids emerge from the waters … Flitting between fantasy and reality, manoeuvring through the rainforest swamps of Bangladesh with as much ease as the immigrant colonies of New York, blurring the boundaries between myth, history and truth, Babu Bangladesh! is a work of stunning scope and ambition from the most exciting literary voice to emerge from the Subcontinent in years.


This intense and brilliantly written book follows the story of Babu Bangladeshi- who was a very ambitious politician. One day, he suddenly gets disappeared and people could only make guesses about his disappearance till a set of manuscripts written by him is discovered by the narrator of the story. The narrator immediately embarks on his journey to chronicle Babu’s life- and during the course, the life of a country itself.

The story is narrated in shifting timelines exploring the political and social conditions of Banglades from the 1940s till 2019- the year of Babu’s disappearance. You won’t even know and you would end up knowing a lot about Bangladesh- than you have thought you knew- while reading the book.

The book is written as a mixture of fantasy and fact to make the story interesting, although it is not quite a story and more like an account. Yet, you can enjoy reading it as a story as there is not too much difference.

It took 15 years for the author to write this book, so absolutely there is no flaw in the writing style or narration.

The only thing you need to enjoy this book is patience as it is a serious book written in a satirical way.

Overall, it is a pity we lost the author so early because he might have given us so many perfect books like Babu Bangladeshi if given time. Yet, Babu Bangladeshi, his only book, is worth reading multiple times.

Details About The Author-

After studying creative writing at Oberlin College and the University of East Anglia, Dr Numair Atif Choudhury did a PhD from the University of Texas, Dallas. He had been working on Babu Bangladesh!, his epic first novel, for nearly fifteen years. Soon after completing the final draft, he passed away in an accident in 2018.

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