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Review of ‘Mahayoddha Kalki’ by Kevin Missal

Rating- 5/5

When the first book in the Kalki Series was released, the whole India became mad for it and it established Kevin Missal as a new sensation in the literary world.Almost 2 years later, when the 3rd book as released, every reader had an ambiguous feeling of excitement regarding the ending of this Mega Series. But, the author kept the quality consistent and can be said even better in the last book. Although, it as stated in the book that there was some other ending planned for the book, the readers also liked the provided one pretty much and the book received its due publicity- and respect for not only the book but the author also.All characters played their role well in the series and received their due end- by end I don’t imply that all died. The plot was just fantastic- in the better kind.There’s nothing to say much about the book as it is just- no adjective can define it; go and just read it.I am sure you won’t regret reading this book.

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