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Review of ‘Vichhoda’ by Harinder Sikka

Rating- 5/5

Vichhoda is another thought-provoking and thrilling read from the author of Calling Sehmat, which was adapted into Raazi.

The book follows the story of Bibi Amrit Kaur through the ups and downs of her life. The story starts from Partition, 1947 and ends in a very emotional tone.

The story keeps shifting from India to Pakistan and vice versa. It also involves some important real events which played a significant role i Bibi Amrit Kaur’s life.

The book also has a psychological and societal fiction touch to it.

The writing style of the author is simple and captivating. The book is not unnecessarily stretched and is a quick short read of everlasting effect and thrilling experience.

Overall, it is a book worth reading. Go and grab it.

Link to buy the book-

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