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Review of Raavanputr Meghnad by Kevin Missal


This books is a fictional story of Meghnad- perhaps one of the most interesting characters from the Ramayana, yet the least explored one. This is a standalone book unlike the other books by the same author which are a part of some series.

I think there’s no need to review this book, Just one word ‘magnum opus’ is enough for this. Yet, I think I would like to say a few words about the writer’s style of writing. I would like to say that it is a unique style of telling the story and I have never read it before- excluding in the author’s other books itself. The level of imagination of the author is fabulous. I think that no other author, in the present, may have written this book in that fantastic way in which it is written now by the author himself.

Overall, the conclusion to this review is that if you have not read this book yet then you have missed a once-in-a-lifetime amazing experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

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